Lack Contentment and Get Moving.


I’m going to hit you with the one word; this is a word that no over-achiever ever wants to hear—“LACK.” I just sent shivers down the back of those of you who would categorize themselves as over-achievers, the GPA watchers, the work overtime every nighters. The word lack implies that you’re missing something that you should have, in order to be made whole. Many of us have had this nagging feeling deep inside of us knowing that we’re not doing what we should be doing. We often write it off as wanderlust, a perpetual aching deep inside of us to do something new and fresh. Alternatively, maybe you’ve heard it written off as a tendency of millennials. Either way, I actually believe that our deepest desire to thwart the LACK bomb is innate to the human experience. Yes, you are not alone in these feelings. We all feel like we should be doing something better, bigger than our current circumstance and that is okay.

This feeling of better and bigger led Moses back to Egypt after the burning bush encounter to liberate slaves; caused Saul to change his name to Paul and live a life of sacrifice for others; was a catalyst for Peter dashing out of the boat to run towards the resurrected Jesus and so much more in scripture. There is an account from Mark’s gospel where Jesus tells a man to sell everything and follow Him. Jesus was inviting him into a life where he could travel and do big things along with Jesus. However, the man declined.

You may have heard it said that in order to be a good Christian (maybe even American) that you should be content with your situation. It seems like this is a ploy of our Education system to keep kids in school (I say that in jest). However, I’m asking you to not be content. It is within the milieu of our contentment that we often become stagnate and apathetic. We start to create stories in our head about those that are able to do great things by saying, “Well, they just had better opportunities” or “They had the time or energy.”   This is a trick of self-doubt; our deepest fears overcome our deepest aching to move.

Our feeling of lack is an opportunity for more.

There is a man in Mark’s gospel (Mark 10:17-22), who was unable to take a risk and do what God had created him to do. If you read the text from Mark, you will notice that this is not a story of giving up wealth; this is a story of not taking action.

In order to be who you’ve been designed to be, you have to take steps towards doing what you’ve been designed to do.

It is terrifying and scary—I won’t lie. However, if you do not take action towards that aching feeling, you’re left with that AWFUL word–“lack.”   Maybe it’s simply having a conversation out of your comfort zone with a co-worker, or coming up with an initiative to bring about justice.

Whatever it is…

Do something big, do something brave and take action towards your deepest desires. We move closer to God’s intention for humanity when we all follow our callings to do GREAT things.

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