Peace–is an obscure word that many of us find defined in theory, rather than experience.   While the notion of peace seems fleeting to the under-resourced it is as desirable to even those apt to privilege.  We seek and long for peace in our relationships, our families, and our job, even within ourselves. Perhaps you know what I’m talking about through your experience.  Isn’t it true that we try to find peace through, what I call, the “ers”; we try to be smarter, better, richer, even a few made up words like “powerfuler?”  We desire to be and have so much more, hoping that it brings us a sense of wholeness and peace. Yet, we still feel that peace is merely a theory, set aside for those with special awareness of the evading mystery.   Can you imagine with me what the world would experience if it were to be truly at peace?  What would it take for us to be at peace with ourselves, with our Creator?  If we’re honest, fleeting is a sense of true peace, and I believe we all long for it to manifest.  So peace, how do we experience it?

Observe the Fabrication.

In order to experience peace, you have to be able to sift through the fabrications that attempt to mimic or sell the experience of peace.  You will never find peace through attaining the “ers,”  you will only be left wanting more.  In a world that is whispering “be better by having the most,” we must see past the flaws of consumerism.  Does this mean you can’t have stuff? By no means—you are welcome to have things, nice things—but realize that they’re nothing more than objects for limited gratification.


Giving grows us, something supernatural takes place in our heart, our minds, and our souls when we give to others.  There is no mistake that Jesus talks more about justice and money than anything in the bible.  If you took out the over 2000 references to the subject you’d be left with a bible with lots of holes.  When we give of ourselves, we are taking those that are without and ensuring that they’re with—which is the crux of Jesus’ ministry. True peace, comes not from our desire for more, but our action of giving.


I think it’s impossible to look at the Bible and see anything other than God’s desire for equality. When we choose power (dominance) over giving, we are acting in a way that is the antithesis of Jesus.  Jesus assumes the name, Prince of Peace, by giving away of Himself so that others might live.  While Jesus was fully a Jewish (man) and a Rabbi (all representatives of power in the context of Jesus), he never wielded His power or made it only accessible to those privileged in the ways of Judaism, instead he made his message for all: the weak, the poor, the Samaritans, the Gentiles, the Iraqis, the Pakistanis, the Hispanics, the women—so on so forth.  If you want to see peace come into existence, our goal should be neighborly living in hopes to make others on equal footing with us.  This is the way of true peace.

This is something–regardless of who you are, or where you are in your journey of faith–that we can all get behind and help make the world a bit more peaceful all the while finding peace ourselves. Giving grows us and partnering with others brings peace.

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  1. Loved it! The truth of real LOVE which brings real PEACE that passes understanding! Best blog yet! very inspiring!!

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