Testify: Stories are Worth Sharing

From the beginning of Biblical recorded time, stories have been central to the oral exploration of faith in a monotheistic God.  Before it was ever written, the Genesis narrative was passed via campfires, as each listener would find himself or herself deeply entrenched in the saga of humanity.

We all have stories that we bring to the table, or campfire.  Our stories encompass who we are and where we have been.  There is power in our stories as others see God being revealed in each turning point of our lore.  We have adopted this ancient practice of storytelling and we call it testimony–to give testament of the faithfulness of God despite the twists and turns of our stories.  I have found that some of the most emotive times in my life came from peers sharing how God has revealed Herself in their lives in a meaningful way.  God is doing a powerful work in your life regardless of where you are in your faith journey.  We are designed to be storytellers, those people that harness their ability to share both deeply painful and deeply joyful moments. If you’re disenchanted with God, share it—explore it. Allow your story to be heard, because it is by the campfire that we realize that we’re humans exploring an infinite God.

Our stories are fully human, yet seemingly holy—that intersection of the sacred and the profane. My prayer is that we are willing to give testament of both the good times and the bad times. I also pray that we can learn to give testament not out of ambition for others to convert their faith, but instead an opportunity for an honest revealing of who God is to you, the human.

Our stories move us closer to both our human frailty and our glorious need for a caring God that is always redeeming His creation,


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